Remote Hiring - pan

Enhance Security, Reliability and Efficiency

Do you need to ensure candidate identity or test security? Are you tackling a large-scale or even long-distance recruiting project that requires support? With hundreds of locations in our nationwide network, as well as mobile options, our remote hiring services offer the solution you need.

Our highly-trained proctors are well-equipped to securely execute high-stakes testing programs and remote I-9 verification. Powered by our feature-rich pan 2.0 technology, your HR administrators as well as candidates will benefit from a system designed to provide the best user experience including conveniences like automated registration and real-time tracking and reporting.

Remote I-9 Verification

Reduce your liability and achieve cost savings through remote paperless, electronic I-9s and an integration with E-Verify®.Learn More

Proctored Testing

Protect high-stakes testing by leveraging a vast network of remote testing center locations, all staffed with highly-trained proctors.View Active Locations